martes, junio 07, 2005

Ando Musical

Este Alfabeto del Rock lo copie del Museo de la carne, de repente no recuerdo muchos.

A- ABC/ Aviador Dro/ Alternative TV/ Adam Ant/ The Animals/ Anthrax
B- B-52/ Bauhaus/ Botellita de Jerez/ Babasónicos/ Buzzcocks/ Bowie/ Blur/ Blondie/ Beastie Boys/ Beck
C- Casino Shanghai/ Culto Sin Nombre/ The Casuals/ Cabaret Voltaire/ Can/ The Cars/ The Charlatans UK/ The Clash/ Cocteaw Twins/ The Cramps/ Elvis Costello/ The Cure/ Caifanes
D- Damned/ Dead Boys/ Divine/ Dead Kennedys/ Depeche Mode/ Devo/ Duran Duran/ Ian Dury/ Dangerous Rhythm/ Decibel
E- Emerson Lake & Palmer / EMF/ Echo and The Bunnymen/ Eno/
F- Flesh for Lulu/ Ford Proco/ The Fall/ Focus/
G- Gargage/ Gong/ Gomez/
H- Happy Mondays/ Richard Hell/ Buddy Holly/ The Housemartins/ Hothouse Flowers/ The Human League/
I- Billy Idol/ Indochine/ Interface/
J- Joe Jackson/ The Jam/ The Jesus and Mary Chain/ Joy Division/
K- King Crimson/ Kraftwerk/ The Kinks/
L- Love & Rockets/ L7/ The La's/ Leftfield/ Los Lobos/ Los Locos del Ritmo
M- Madness/ Magma/ Manias Street Preachers/ Maldita Vecindad/ Mazzy Star/ Mercury Rev/ My Bloody Valentine/
N- Nine Inch Nails/ New order/ Nathabisk/ Nirvana/ Nico/
O- Oasis/ Sinead O´Connor/ OMD/
P- Pink Floyd/ The Prodigy/ Pulp/ pet Shop Boys/ Pixies/ Pretenders/ The Pogues/ The Police/ Iggy Pop/ Pizzicato 5/ Portsihead/ Primal Scream/ The Psychodelic Furs/
Q- El Queso Sagrado
R- Radiohead/ Ramones/ REM/ The Residents/ Roxy Music/ Rush
S- Size/ Sex Pistols/ Simple Minds/ Simples Mortales/ Siouxie/ Sisters of Merci/ The Smiths/ Sly and the family stone/ Soft Cell/ Sonic Youth/ The Specials/ The Stone Roses/ Spiritualized/ Soda Stereo/ Suicide/ Suede/ Supergrass/ Syntoma/
T- Talking Heads/ Television/ Trasnvision Vamp/ The The/ Throbbing Gristle/ Throwing Muses/
U- Ultravox/ SS Sputnik/ The Undertones/
V- Violent Femmes/ Velvet Underground/ The Ventures/ The Verve/ Los Violadores/ Virus
W- War/ The Waterboys/ The Who/ Wire/
X- X/ XTC,
Y- Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs/ Yes/
Z- ZZ Top/ The Zombies/ Los Zignos/

La verdad estaba de ocioso.